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#bookreview #fivestarread - Dark Desires Author: Sallyanne Johnson @sajohnsonauthor


Book Review: Dark Desires
Author: Sallyanne Johnson
My Rating: 5 Stars

New author with a new story and WOW!!! what a story this one is.
Sophie works hard, and she is proud of all that she has accomplished after being abused by her former boyfriend.
Enter the new owner of the place she works at. He is strong, sexy, brooding, and has one huge issue... He likes to control.
Well Mr. Art Black I will not be pushed around or ordered anymore Sophie lays it on the line, and he agrees and states...
No more lies between us? Really wow didn't see that ending coming. I sure hope book two comes out soon!!

‘I need to know if there’s anything standing in the way.’
I’m more confused than ever. ‘Standing in the way of what?’
‘Of me having you.’

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