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New Release & Review - Her Cowboy's Opposite (Christmas in Shooting Star Canyon #4) Author: Sierra Gamble @SierraGamble_SG


Book Review: Her Cowboy's Opposite
(Christmas in Shooting Star Canyon #4)
Author: Sierra Gamble
My Rating: 5 Stars

I have truly enjoyed all the stories thus far in this sweet cowboy romance series.
Of all the people to finally find someone, I didn't think Michael would. He is the oldest of the cowboys and always so serious.
Clara is footloose and fancy-free.
Can they make it work? Hang on cowboy!!

Her Cowboy's Opposite (Christmas in Shooting Star Canyon Book 4) 
by Sierra Gamble 

They say opposites attract, but it that really true?

Michael Dixon has always been by the book. Things are meant to be done in a certain way, but Clara Lopez throws him for a loop in so many ways. In fact, she’s the one to ask him out.

He’s type A. She prefers to go with the flow. He needs a plan, and she just wants to hop in a car and drive. He thinks before she speaks, and she talks a mile a minute.

Just when it seems like the two might finally be on the same page, serious family issues force Michael to make a split-minute decision, something he isn't quite equipped for. Can Clara help Michael to see that sometimes, it takes a little faith and some Christmas spirit to forge forward and seize the day?


Sierra Gamble has always loved horses. She used to draw them all the time as a little girl even if they were sometimes far too fat or way too skinny. For al little while, she took horseback riding lessons, and she would love nothing more than to get back in the saddle again one day!

Her grandfather used to watch western movies all the time. Sierra never really got into them until he became really sick. Now, she tries to write combine the horses that she grew up loving with the westerns Pop-Pop always loved. Of course, being a hopeless romantic, Sierra has to add romance to each story too!

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