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#newrelease #bookreview #fivestarread - Fatal Cravings by Daniella Starre @DaniellaStarre


Fatal Cravings 

by Daniella Starre

Some cravings can be fatal.

I’ve loved Maxwell my whole life.

So after I’ve done the unthinkable and killed a vampire, I turn to the vampire who stole my heart years ago and then abandoned me.

I’m desperate for his help.

Desperate for him.

As it turns out, the vampire I killed is the son of Maxwell’s rival. Small world.

Maxwell offers to not only make me his Chosen, he also proposes a fake marriage.

But neither will stop Viktor.

He’s out for blood.


To save myself, to save us both, I might have to act as bait to draw out our mutual enemy.

But my attraction to Maxwell might not be one-sided after all, and our cravings must prove to be our undoing.

At five years old I loved him, at sixteen years old I loved him, and now today I still loved him although he pisses me off. 

Maxwell has given me tears and joy. He took care of my family when I couldn't, he kept them from dying of sickness and starvation. 

Now I need him more than I ever have, he asked me once what it was I needed for me. I need him now but can I have what I need?

Annabel has taken a vampire's life and only Maxwell can save her. Question is... Will he?

This is a wonderful story of love everlasting, love rebirthed...

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