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#newrelease #bookreview #fivestarread - Grim Turmoil: A Mayhem of Magic World Story (HEX Unite Book 2) by Nicole Zoltack @NicoleZoltack


Grim Turmoil: A Mayhem of Magic World Story (HEX Unite Book 2) 

by Nicole Zoltack  


HEX Unite hinges on oracles’ prophecies being accurate, only now, they’re not having any oracles about the future either. What if their magic is fading entirely? What will happen then?

Despite not having an active assignment, grim reaper Donovan uncovers a terrible plot to kill paranormal creatures. As he and his sandman partner Sommeil dig deeper to locate the monster responsible, they just might uncover a terrible truth.

There might be an overlord bent on destruction and devastation and capable of unspeakable horrors.

Before, HEX Unite has always been able to vanquish overlords, but now? Now, HEX Unite is hanging on by a very precarious thread…

Hex Unite as we know it is in peril. Donovan and his friends are doing all they can but it may not be enough. 
Someone is out to kill all paranormal creatures. 
The leader of Hex Unite is closing down? What? Why?
Well we have to wait to find out.
Gosh, o'mighty this was a really explosive, action-filled story. I can not wait for the next one!

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