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#bookreview #fivestarread - Wicked Monsters: The Complete Series: A Dark Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance Author: Marissa Farrar, Skye Jones @skyejromance @MarissaFarrar


Book Review: Wicked Monsters: The Complete Series: A Dark Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance
Author: Marissa Farrar, Skye Jones
My Rating: 5 Stars

I read all four of these books and am now putting that review on this box set.
Night Captive:
The first book in a new series and it left me breathless...
Aisha knows she will be taken eventually from the Pit the only home she really knows. Her time will come and the monsters will come.
Dashiell is not what he seems and yet he is more.
He is dark, brooding, and very dominant.
However, he is not all that awaits Aisha at the castle she was taken to.
Are they all monsters? Does she want them? Will any be her savior?
All I can say is hold on to your seats for this story as it will drag you upside down and inside out. And the hotness is scorching.
The ending left me screaming, I want more so much more...

Cruel Moon:
Book two and it's only gotten better.
Aisha and Ezra find themselves out of the frying pan and into the fire literally with the wolves they escaped the citadel with.
All of them want her, but no one knows what she is until...
Ezra makes a decision and he may just be her savior after all.
Can they get away before Logan and Jaxon find them? Or will Dashiell and Gideon get them back? Or will everyone go up in flames?
Wow can't wait for the next one.

Enchanted Dusk:
This book picks us up where Aisha and Ezra left us on their journey to the Pit, although it's even harder than they imagined it would be. These two find themselves in danger at every turn. And although they worry about the others finding them, they have things ahead that are a lot worse than their lovers. And Aisha has learned of her powers but she still isn't in control of what they can do. She is going to need her vamp, gargoyle, and pack to fight what is ahead. Can they save her though?
I am really enjoying these stories and can't wait for the next one.

Fierce Light:
The final book finds Aisha being whisked away by one evil witch all thought long dead. And Aisha's only thought is of her 5 males who were locked in a battle with some evil Fae.
Only the strong will survive it.
Aisha's bond with Gideon, Logan, Jaxon, Ezra, and her vamp Dashiell will be put to the test. Will they pass it?
Action, Suspense, and Hotness galore make for one heck of a story!!!

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