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#newrelease #bookreview #fivestarread - A Match for the Cowboy Dad (Matchmaker at Melody Meadow Book 1) by Author: Sierra Gamble @SierraGamble_SG


A Match for the Cowboy Dad (Matchmaker at Melody Meadow Book 1) 
by Sierra Gamble  

A single cowboy dad looking for love… Well, he should be.

Cowgirl Olivia Williams has worked at Melody Meadow for years now, and the cowboys there are all single. Well, Jonas Ramsey has been single for two years now. His wife died in a tragic car accident, leaving Jonas to raise their now five-year-old son Eli all alone.

Eli needs a mom, and Jonas needs a wife.

Olivia’s sure she can find the perfect match for Jonas. After all, she first played matchmaker when she was seven, setting up her mom with her teacher.

Now, if only Jonas would realize that moving on with his life doesn’t mean forgetting the past and that sometimes, love can happen twice in a lifetime.

Book Review: A Match for the Cowboy Dad (Matchmaker at Melody Meadow Book 1)
Author: Sierra Gamble
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy

A new series from this author and book one is fantastic...
Jonas lost his wife a few years ago and is raising his son Eli alone with the help of the other cowboys and his friends. The only cowgirl on the farm is Olivia who has always had a knack for matchmaking so she decides to give it a go and her first victim is Jonas. 
Jonas isn't sure about things like school,  or even letting go a little of his son Eli so Olivia's hair-brained idea is to match him with the school teacher Abby who he has to admit has caught more than his eye. Will it be a go? or a Huge bust?

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