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Release Day Blitz - BECOMING WILDE by HK Jacobs @hk_jacobs @InkSlingerPR


HK Jacobs is joining us today for the release of her new women’s fiction, Becoming Wilde! Check it out and be sure to get your copy today!


Author: HK Jacobs

Genre: Women’s Fiction

About Becoming Wilde:

Is this the beginning of our epic love story?   Alexandra Wilde's life is beyond her wildest dreams. After a tumultuous year, she has returned to Botswana as a full-fledged pediatric ICU doctor and reignites a consuming romance with Ian Devall, the privileged philanthropist who has captured her heart. Her new position at the hospital is fraught with challenges as saving lives pushes her resourcefulness to the brink. Meanwhile, her connection with Ian deepens, and she realizes that forging a commitment with him will require a sacrifice she isn't ready to make. As she teeters on the precipice of decision, tragedy strikes and sends her into a spiral of grief where she must find hope in adversity...or risk losing everything she has become.   

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“I’m not sorry,” he said quietly, his voice calm but hard like a river stone. She could imagine his emotions swirling around it like rapids, bubbling around its solidarity. Before she could respond, he continued. “I’m not sorry for dragging you out of there and I would do it all over again. I will never support choices that put you in danger or hurt you or threaten you, so if that’s your expectation, I’ll never live up to it, and you should do us both a favor and walk away right now.” At a different time in her life, Alex would have obeyed. The fear of rejection...the feeling of being unworthy of such love would have carried her out of the barn, slamming shut a physical and emotional door that she would have kept closed for an eternity. But she wasn’t the girl she once was. She was choosing to live a life that rose above her most basic fears. Put on your phoenix wings, whispered her subconscious. She stood but didn’t make a move toward Ian, not even a gesture. Instead, she stayed perfectly still, breathing in the sweet smell of hay and elephant musk. “I don’t always make the best...decisions. And I don’t expect you to like all of them, but there is one that I will never give up.” “And what’s that?” She sensed him steel himself for her answer. “You.”

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About H.K. Jacobs:

HK Jacobs is native to a small town in Texas that gave her both wings and roots. She holds a Doctor of Medicine from Baylor College of Medicine and a Master of Public Health from the University of Texas. She is a board certified pediatric critical care physician whose passion is traveling the globe caring for seriously ill children in low-middle income countries. She currently resides in Texas where she continues to balance the many roles in her life—mother, physician, humanitarian, dreamer, and author.   

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