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#bookreview #fivestarread - Can't Stop 2 book boxed set Author: Claudy Conn @Claudyconn


Book: Can't Stop 2 book boxed set
Author: Claudy Conn
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts

I have read both of these books previously and I am leaving my honest review now for this set.

Can't Stop - Smoke
Smoke... Aaah Smoke, she is one kick-butt female and takes names later.
She is very impatient and stubborn through and through.
Grail is supposed to be the Dark Lord although when it comes to Smoke he is pure light.
We have a battle ahead of us though. Can Smoke, Grail, Sharon, and Shags take care of things?
We get demons, vamps, fae, witches, and more...

Can't Stop - Wanting
Smoke and Grail thought they defeated Vidal but...
Vidal wants something that Smoke and Grail have been given, but that isn't going to happen. So a battle of epic proportions will be.
We get a bit of all supernaturals in this gripping story...
Vamps, Werewolves, Witches, Demons, Fae, and much more.
Grail wants to wrap Smoke in a bubble but alas he knows he is in for an action-filled day whenever he is with her and she is becoming more so much more than what she was...
Trusom is hilarious love this warlock...

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