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#newrelease #bookreview #fivestarread - Daughter of Ashes: A Mayhem of Magic World Story (A Girl and Her Hellhounds Book 3) by Nicole Zoltack @NicoleZoltack


Daughter of Ashes: 

A Mayhem of Magic World Story (A Girl and Her Hellhounds Book 3) 

by Nicole Zoltack 

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3kbzKDN

The war for Hell is not just waged in Hell. It’s spreading to Earth too. Lydia has done everything she can to try to stop her father, Lucifer, even gathering her siblings together against him. But this war has all of the marks of the apocalypse. And Lucifer won’t survive that. Neither will the Earth. Lydia only wanted to stop her father, not destroy anything and everything. The worlds, both Earth and Hell, might soon be nothing more than ashes, leaving Lydia as the daughter of ashes. If she even survives.

Book three finds Lydia even more determined. 
A bigger army is needed in the battle against daddy dearest. 
Lydia has her siblings, or does she?
When the war takes a different turn, and humans are now effected 
Lydia knows what needs doing but can she do it?
She knows she can't kill him but then what?
Lucifer has earth in his grip and doesn't seem too fond of letting go until all have
been destroyed. Can they stop him?

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