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Release Blitz - The Creatures Who Love Me: Installment Two by P. Mattern & L. Gauthier @chbbpublishing


A brand new title from P. Mattern & L. Gauthier just went live! 
Purchase: The Creatures Who Love Me: Installment Two

Orphaned Stella Vanquinette finds herself conflicted, torn between her former life in Alaska where she resided until her adoptive parents were tragically killed, and her new surroundings with her Aunt Ava and a colorful cast of characters that reside on a mountain top outside of Portland, Oregon.

The yearly rainfall there is only topped by that of the Hawaiian Islands.

Stella is particularly taken with the Blandus twins, Angel and Devon-they tease her unmercifully and their physical beauty and protective stance toward her make her feel at once intrigued and welcomed.

Her summer vacation soon turns into a summer of decisions.

With a boyfriend back in Alaska, and determined to enlist her Aunt to help her find out about her birth parents, she will find herself making tough choices about where she wants to live and where her loyalties lie.

And discover shocking revelations about herself in the process!

Get book one here ~> https://amzn.to/38Cij8b

Amazon #1 and Top 100 Bestselling and Award-Winning author P.Mattern wrote stories to entertain classmates in elementary school and won awards for fiction and poetry in college. After being laid off from her professional job in Mental Health she began writing down all the stories she had carried in her head and made outlines for in earnest. She was inspired by Anne Rice and her handicapped son to write Book One of Full Moon Series 'World of Azglen'♡ about a widow and her adult handicapped son who becomes brainy and strong after being bitten by a vampire. Soon her children J.C.Estall and Marcus Mattern joined her in writing Full Moon Series, Amazon Bestselling Andy of the Damned, Strident House,#1 Bestseller Shock of Night, Forest of Bleeding Trees and others. This family writing dynasty is currently working on Book Five of Full Moon Series('Roue of the Dragon' will release early 2016), a dystopic novel, Andy of the Damned Two, and finishing the last installment of Vampire Princess(the Arctic Circle Series). P.Mattern is a member of Thriller Writers Association. Her work has appeared in numerous ezines and anthologies(Girls Rock Horror Harder, The Animal Horror collection, Painted Mayhem Horror Anthology, Mystical Magical, Erotic Exotic Paranomal, and Santa's Naughty List. She has two books under Booktrope Publishers' Forsaken imprint and a contract with Tell-Tale Publishing.
P.Mattern lives in the midwest and is currently involved with one of her characters. ("It's complicated.")
Winner Second Place Scariest Story Contest /Tell-Tale Publishing 2015 for 'Terrible Choices'

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