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Release Blitz - That Shark is Red Hot by Julia Mills @JuliaMills623 @robynpeterman



A brand new title from Julia Mills just went live! 


That Shark is Red Hot (Magic and Mayhem Universe)


Take one sassy relative returned from the dead…

Add in a new business venture with my brother, Tank…

Mix in a sexy Shark fresh from Scotland…

Toss in the one and only Lavender Pterodactyl Shifter extraordinaire - me, Jenn Thomas - and you've got the recipe for some serious Mayhem!

Now the Swamp stinks to high Heaven, the Shifters are still stuck, I have mosquito bites on body parts it's not polite to scratch in public, and Tank is nowhere to be found. It's another mystery we won't get paid for, but that's what it means to be one of the Maidens of Mayhem, right? Good thing we all have day jobs.

Come on down to the Drunken Dino and Party Like a Flock Star! The bartender's cute, 'cause it's me. The Shark's red hot. And the Mayhem's always on tap!

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