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Release Day Blitz - RICARDO'S COLLISION by Edward & Christina Sledge @InkSlingerPR @house_sledge


Edward & Christina Sledge’s fictional debut, RICARDO’S COLLISION, is out now! Check it out and grab your copy today!!

Title: Ricardo’s Collision

Author: Edward & Christina Sledge

Genre: Romantic Suspense

About Ricardo’s Collision:

Years after disappearing from Brooklyn in disgrace, businessman Ricardo Desire is found dead in his home. A glimpse of Ricardo’s past reveals a salacious love triangle and double life and in the aftermath of his death, the lives of those he knew begin to unravel. Olena Jackson is the detective assigned to the high profile case and the more she digs, the more lies and bodies she uncovers. Although Ricardo is dead, for the people left behind, the collision course is just getting started.

Grab Your Copy Today:

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Exclusive Excerpt:

I was a happily married man, and I wanted her badly. She was my first love, the one who left me at a park bench as I still craved to see her face. I hated that she was married, especially to a loser like her husband. The sad part was I only could see her once a year at the picnic, but I thought about caressing and making love to her all the time. I thought about her even while I was having sex with my wife. Yes, I thought about licking every place on that woman’s body while I was making my wife orgasm. I think my wife knew I was thinking about another woman, but she never said anything. I admired my first from a far. I followed her on her job, watched her arrive home, and I even studied her husband's work schedule and movements just to know things to say to throw him under the bus when I was ready to make my move.   Ironically, I knew I wasn't that kind of guy and I sure didn't want to be. I loved my wife but lusting over my first love overwhelmed me.   Both were my addictions and my temptations.

About Edward & Christina Sledge’s:

Christina and Edward live in Maryland with their two daughters. They have been happily married for more than 21 years. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Christina received an undergraduate degree from Temple University and a graduate degree from The George Washington University. Edward received an undergraduate degree from Georgia Southern University and a graduate degree from Towson University. They started Sledge House Publishing and Media in 2021. Both are planning to write more books together in the future.

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