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#bookreview #fivestarread - Enchanted & Screwed the Complete Boxed Set Author: Erica Reeder @_ericareeder


Book: Enchanted & Screwed the Complete Boxed Set
Author: Erica Reeder
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts

I have read several of these stories and I am leaving my review now for the set. Follow Cy and her merry band of goblins, vamps, and more...

Death Charmed -
Wings or No Wings...
Yeah, that is the dilemma Cy finds herself in. And to help others she has to pretty much hurt herself by going back to the one place she never wanted to go.
Cy doesn't know anymore who is a friend and who is a foe...
All she does know is she may not make it out alive this time.
A thrilling fae story and one that leads you on a rollercoaster of lies and enemies.

Goblin Cursed -
Anything that could go wrong for Cy does...
She finds herself with more loss, that of her very best friend.
She has no choice but to reach out to someone she knows she will be safe with although she won't say trust. Sven hurt her deeply too but he will be there for her won't he?
She finds herself regretting her decision to lose her wings when she is in trouble. Can Cy live through all that lies ahead for her?
Fae story with action, heartache, and a family who is crazy...

Never Bound -
Book four and it just gets more exciting!
Cy is not your typical fairy princess, she is not your typical anything. She is one tough female and now she is in the Never? Woaaaa didn't see that coming.
Many things are on the line now though, she could lose more friends, she could lose herself if she isn't careful.
Her mind and heart are so full of what to do that she doesn't even realize that she truly has come to care deeply for Sven who is showing he can be all she needs but will she accept it? Well grab a copy and find out, better yet start on book one and read them all. A unique twist on the Faerie world for sure.

Blood Veil -
Book five and it's explosively good!
Cy is out of the Never but at what cost?
Sven now has the debt and it shall be paid...
The goblins oh my goodness are something else but very helpful indeed for Cy. They must literally leash the hound of hell. Can they do it?
And Cy figures out finally what it means to truly love... Question is...
Is it too late?
Everything is off the charts in this one and I hope there is more!

Banshee Bones -
This was an explosively good finale!
Cy would love to have Sven by her side but this is one battle she will have to face without him. She has to find out who ended the life of her friend Anthony and face her mother the Queen.
Cy wasn't prepared though for who will help her in this battle...
Everything is non-stop action, with surprises at every turn.
Loved it!

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