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Release Blitz - Legacy of The Lightbringerss by Scarlet Darkwood, P. Mattern


A brand new title from Scarlet Darkwood & P. Mattern just went live! 

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"A Dwarf, a Talking Horse, and a headstrong Witch from a ruined Elemental Witch Dynasty embark on a collision course with Destiny"

Larissa North Strondovan and August South Hawthorne continue their quest to unravel the truth
about the conjuring cloth and witch spinners who create them—but not without major interruptions along the way. With help from their loyal bodyguard and a proud dwarf they meet on their travels, the members struggle to untangle themselves from dire predicaments and traps set by the formidable and power-hungry Anguis clave. Edouard Anguis, the upcoming heir of his clave, has professed his love for Larissa, but something darker and more sinister lies behind his motives and attempts to win her over. Edouard has a plan for gaining power and wants the young lady at his side. August is told some unusual stories by his grandfather and thus uses extreme rituals and magick to discover what is transpiring between those who profess themselves as allies and what’s really at stake. An epic battle is about to occur, one that will change the world of both Magicals and Mortals. The one who can tell them all they need to know is held prisoner and brutalized in a foe’s spacious chateau. Larissa and August have continually been at odds with each other. When he reveals a betrayal of the worse kind, she is forced to pay attention. Sifting through truth and lies keeps the couple on their toes. A sudden mission undertaken by August has Larissa reeling with mixed emotions. As the pair forge onward toward their destiny, magick, cunning, and an uncanny union pave the way for unexpected outcomes.

Book #1 - Hour of the Witch Spinners

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