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✬💙★ NEW RELEASE ✬💙★ Midnight Magnolias by P. Mattern


A brand new title from P. Mattern just went live! 

Purchase: Midnight Magnolias

“A lady never shows her fangs till after midnight!”
“ ‘Gone with the Wind’ meets ‘Twilight’ meets ‘True Blood’ in this YA tale of tangled love, war, murder, honor and vengeance.”

Brothers Carlton ‘Cash’ and Billy Ray Randolph arrive in Perriginne County, Virginia, ready to court the most affluent and beautiful of all the Southern Belles. Their little brother Benton Lee ‘Buddy’ also pines for a sweetheart, and hopes to meet one of his own at one of the numerous social gatherings.

     Avery Rae Teecham hates being the second youngest of seven annoying sisters. Her stern and protective widowed father Merchant Teecham is a well-respected retired Sea Captain, who has settled down in one of the most beautiful plantations in the region, Magnolia Manor. Handsome and courteous, known for his generosity, he is endlessly pursued by single ladies hoping to become his second wife. 

     Casper Venificus is the last surviving member of one of Perriginne County’s founding families. Handsome and wealthy, when he gets wind that the Teechams have taken up residence near the James River plantation community he prepares for a calamity that has been prophesied for over two hundred years and is anxious to play his part in it.
     Against the backdrop of the gracious lifestyle of the old South and the political and social unrest of the impending Civil War, Midnight Magnolias captures all the loyalty, turmoil, lust and romance of a civilization tempest- tossed by the winds of Fate…
     …And a genteel community rife with vampires.

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