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#bookreview #fivestarread - Maxon's New Moon (Timber Cove Wolves MC Book 1) by Author: Cyndi Faria @cyndifaria


Book: Maxon's New Moon (Timber Cove Wolves MC Book 1)
Author: Cyndi Faria
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts

This is a new to me author and I got excited based on the cover for book 3 in this series. I however am a stickler about reviewing books in order so I grabbed all 3 *Thank you Kindle Unlimited*
I devoured this story in one night. I could NOT put it down till I finished it.
If you like MC romance or Shifter romance, then I would suggest you grab this and keep on reading! It doesn't disappoint.
We get action and compassion...
Naomi is not a rose she is the thorn!
She will do whatever it takes to keep her twin sister and pack safe and she does the unthinkable... Goes to a neighboring pack and breaks a forever-long treaty...uh oh...
Maxon knows immediately who the female is and considering he is the PUNISHER for his pack alpha this may not go too well...
He can't let her go, He can't keep her, or can he?
What this couple has is trust, a whole lot of baggage, and a strong will to survive and protect those they care for... from those who have lied, bargained, and abused what was theirs to protect. And the biggest lie of all is what will be the bad ones' downfall when all can see the smiling face of what was thought cursed...
Absolutely a winning story!

**I read this book via Kindle Unlimited and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review of this book**

About the Book!

A curse drove the beauty to cross pack lines. If I don’t mate with the she-wolf, she’s as good as dead. One taboo kiss will start a war. One kiss and she is mine.

Naomi Sloan
Life isn’t fair.
As the daughter of an Alpha wolf for the Silver Bend MC, I’m cursed.
If I don’t fall pregnant by my twenty-seventh year, I’ll die just like my older sister.
Worse my assigned cruel mate is sterile, leaving me little choice.
Vowing to save myself and my twin, I escape the compound, running faster than I’ve ever run.
There’s only one alpha who can save me: Maxon Salvador.
I’m dead if I’m caught. I’m dead either way.
The ultimate rival of my MC is merciless. Destructive. Maxon is the scared wolf who swings the ax.
But my wolf craves his beast.
I can prove to my pack that we don’t have to die.
With my target in sight, I cross enemy lines.

Maxon Salvador
I’m a punisher of those who cross Timber Cove MC pack laws.
But the moment I pick up Naomi’s intoxicating needing scent.
If I don’t follow through with my packmaster’s orders to kill her.
I’m dead.
Too bad my wolf is a rule breaker. He craves taboo as much as I want to claim her.
One look at Naomi, I decide to set her free, but not before I do something stupid.
Something that will start a war if anyone finds out.
Now she’s the mother of the squalling baby left abandoned on my doorstep—my child.
I must find Naomi.
But when I do.
If I’m not strong enough to return the child and walk away.
It could spell the death of us all.

* * *

If you like searing passion, pumping action, and unbreakable pack bonds, then you’ll devour USA Today’s BestSelling Author Cyndi Faria’s Timber Cove Wolves MC series.

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