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#sales #blitz - Polar Compound by C.D. Gorri @cgor22



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It started out as a mating of convenience, but the bond between them is too strong to resist...

He wants to claim his mate, but this female is hard to catch.
Maya Osborn has had a lot of heartache in her life, and she isn't in the market for any more. Especially not from a Polar Bear Shifter who speaks before he thinks.
With her step-mother recently married, Maya is suddenly in charge of their florist shop and she finds herself in over her head. It seems someone has taken out a loan in the business' name and the bank wants its money or else she will lose everything. Who can she turn to for help in her time of need?

Tonic Nanouk has been lusting after Maya since the day he landed in Barvale, New Jersey from his small Alaska Clan. He knew in his heart that the small female was his fated mate, but so far she's been resistant to his charm. Okay, so he was a little rough around the edges, but what did a Bear have to do to get some attention around here?
When Maya gets into financial trouble, Tonic offers her a way out. It's his one chance to show her they might be polar compounds, but together their bond is stronger than anything. Will she take a chance on him?

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