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#Release #Blitz - Goosefeathers and Gun Powder by P. Mattern, L. Gauthier


Title: Goosefeathers and Gun Powder
Author: P. Mattern, L. Gauthier
Hosted by: Book Nook Nuts

‘Rebel Romance flourishes during Reconstruction’

A fateful and daring trip up north for the Teechams reunites star-crossed lovers Avery and Noah, but Noah is engaged to a fine Bostonian Socialite who is not about to ruin her wedding plans.

By a strange twist of fate, Preston Venificus is in Boston on business and has an unusual proposition for Avery Rae that could place her entire family in danger if she does not agree to comply.
Boston is a bustling city filled with modern wonders yet unseen in the South, which is still under Reconstruction after its crippling defeat in the War Between the States. Many Southerners are ready to move on and look toward the future.
Others, not so much…

Even the Vampire Community is split, and many Rogue Rebel Vampires who sympathized with the South during the War Between the States are not yet ready to move on.
-V is for VAMPIRE…
…and V is also for VENGEANCE!

“There is nothing “sweet” about a vampire on the hunt. At that point, all former connection to humanity recedes and what remains is more HELLION than human!” - Noah.

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