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#Sale #Blitz - Shifter Mountain (Hearts of Stone Book 1) by C.D. Gorri @cgor22 hosted by @BookNookNuts


Title: Shifter Mountain
Author: C.D. Gorri
Hosted by: Book Nook Nuts

Shifter Mountain (Hearts of Stone Book 1)
by C.D. Gorri 

Even the hardest heart has its weakness.

Keeton Grey is an Eastern Mountain Lion Shifter with a serious people problem. As in, he hates all of them.

Betrayal is a bitter pill to swallow for most, but for Keeton, it’s damn near impossible. Choosing to live in seclusion, he finds his peace of mind disrupted when an injured hiker stumbles onto his property.

After she catches her fiancé cheating, Marilena Sorelli needs a break from life. Not much of an outdoor girl, hiking alone proves unwise after Lena takes a serious tumble. She meets her rescuer in a nearly seven-foot-tall giant with piercing green eyes and a beard that makes her fingers itch to run through it.

Will the beautiful interloper crack this rugged Shifter’s heart of stone, or will self-imposed isolation be his future?

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