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#bookreview #fivestarread - Ancient Warrior by Author: Katie Reus @katiereus


Book: Ancient Warrior
Author: Katie Reus
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts

I was so excited to learn Harlow was finally getting her story!!!
She is one tough female, I adore her strength, and loyalty.
And to learn that she killed someone she loved, someone she knew was her mate... Aodh
To live with that kind of grief wow...

Well in this world and the next not all things die...
Some bad ugly is always yielding black magic and in this story that is beyond true...
A Secret held deep beneath the bowels of a Castle blown to smithereens... A Secret has come to life...
Will he seek revenge as planned, or will everything fall into place to show him what truly is...
This story is so well written, and it kept me reading till the end... I want more and I am hoping soon we get a certain Vampire, and Lion's story!
Gah I just love this series!!!

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