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#bookreview #fivestarread - Guardians of Chaos Volume 1 by Author: C.D. Gorri


Book: Guardians of Chaos Volume 1
Author: C.D. Gorri
My Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by: Tammy - Book Nook Nuts

Another fantastic bundle with 3 shifter books by this author. This is one of my most favorite series.
I have read each book so I am leaving my reviews on this one.

Wolf Shield
WOWZERS!! Wonderfully written story.
Hudson is a guardian of Chaos and nothing comes easy.
His team is quested with keeping the earth safe from others.
What happens when the fates finally bless you with your true one and she is human? She is now a pawn for the bad guys?
Fergie has no clue about paranormals, she has no clue that her best friend and roommate is one until she almost loses her life.
Will she succumb to the handsome wolf who claims she is his?
We get action galore, and romance is hot!!!

Dragon Shield
Kingston's story and it's soul-crushing in a way.
Many in the Keep do not know of his past, what he did and why.
It will all come to a head though when this Alpha Dragon finds his one true mate.
Holley has been there all along, out of touch but Kingston has been in her heart and mind.
Kingston finds himself having more and more dreams of his mate but how can that be?
We get more dealings with the Evil Loyalists too so no one is truly safe.
This story tugs on the heart, and the action is a given when dealing with those who wish to harm paranormals.
Loved this story!

Stallion Shield
I think so far in the Guardians of Chaos this was my favorite.
Furio is the youngest of the guardians and sometimes he acts it.
He knows Jessenia is his one true mate, however, he may have burned that bridge before he ever got to gallop across it.
The loyalists are still out there and when his sassy kitchen witch puts herself in harm's way he knows then all bets are off and he was to make her his...
Loved it!

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