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Release Blitz: The Dandelion Diary by Devney Perry 1001 Dark Nights & Blue Box Press


“She was captivating.
And Katy’s teacher.”

The Dandelion Diary, an all-new heartwarming Maysen Jar novella from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Devney Perry is available now!

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Devney Perry comes a new story in her Maysen Jar series…

Dear Diary,

My dad needs a girlfriend, and I’ve already picked her out.

Miss Adler would be perfect for him, right? She’s super pretty. She has the best smile and she gives the best hugs. And she’s, like, the most amazing teacher in the world.

Dad is my hero, but I can tell he’s lonely. He tries to hide it from me, but sometimes at night, when he thinks I’m asleep, I’ll sneak downstairs and find him sitting on the couch, staring at nothing. He’s never had a girlfriend, not since the divorce. Mom messed him up. She’s good at that.

He’s smart and funny, but he doesn’t laugh enough. I’ve seen other moms at school check him out so I guess he’s handsome. (Eww.) And he makes up the best nicknames. He calls me Dandelion. I bet he’d give Miss Adler an awesome nickname too.

They're perfect for each other. I just know it. Now I only have to show them I’m right.

Wish me luck.


**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**

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Keep reading for a look inside The Dandelion Diary

Jeff stopped just beyond the patio, turning to face me.
I stopped too, standing just within arm’s reach.
He reached up, tucking a lock of hair behind my ear. “I’m stalling.”
“You’re stalling.”
“You gotta tell me what you want. It’s your job. It’s your life. You want to wait until summer, then I’ll walk you to your car right now.”
I inched closer. More of that bravery bubbled to the surface. Was this a stupid idea? Yep. So why couldn’t I leave? “What if I don’t want to go to my car?”
A growl came from his chest as he dragged a hand over his jaw. “You’re sure?”
“Is Katy asleep?”
He nodded once. “Out like a light.”
“Then I want you to kiss me.”
The words were barely out of my mouth before his lips crushed mine, his strong arms sweeping me off my feet as he hauled me into his chest.
Yes. Whatever doubts I had vanished. I melted against him, sinking into the feel of those lips against mine. Never in my life had I been this bold. Never in my life had I told a man to kiss me.
Worth it. So fucking worth it.
His tongue swept against the seam of my lips, demanding entry. A mewl escaped my throat as he slid inside. Then he plundered, fluttering and tangling and swirling his tongue with mine until I was breathless.
This man could kiss. Thank the stars in the sky, he could kiss.
He nipped at the corner of my mouth, then sucked my bottom lip between his teeth. He slanted over me, delving deeper, leaving no corner of my mouth untouched.
My entire body went up in flames, my pulse thudding in time with the aching throb in my core. When he broke us apart, my lips were swollen. He latched on to my neck, sucking and kissing as he left a trail down the column of my throat.
“More.” I fisted the material of his shirt, holding him to me.
“Fuck, Della.” His voice held an edge of restraint, like he was trying to press the brakes. He pulled back, setting me on my feet. His eyes searched mine and his Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. Then he shifted, taking a step away.
No. “Don’t,” I panted.
Maybe it was the years of rejection from Luka. Maybe it was this all-consuming need for Jeff’s touch, his skin against mine. If I had to beg, I’d beg. Tonight, I wanted to be craved. Worshiped. And if that kiss was any indication, together, we could be dynamite.
“Please don’t pull away from me.” There was a vulnerability in my voice that surprised even me.
Jeff’s eyes softened. “I don’t want to, beautiful. But if I don’t put this space between us, I’m not sure I’ll be able to let you go.”
The air rushed from my lungs. He wants me. Deep down, I knew he wanted me. That kiss was a kiss from a man who wanted a woman. But to hear the need in his voice, well…it meant I didn’t care about the rules. Not tonight.
I’d risk it all, just once.
“You said I had to tell you what I want,” I said. “And that’s you. Kiss me again. Take me inside to your bedroom. Or if all you want to do is sit at the table and play cribbage with me, I’ll take whatever I can get. We don’t even know each other but the idea of me leaving right now…” I shook my head. “I don’t want to leave.”

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