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#BOOK #BLITZ - Strident House by P. Mattern, M. Mattern


★ Book Blitz ★
Title: Strident House
Author: P. Mattern, M. Mattern
Hosted by: Book Nook Nuts

Kit and Brandon Walker learn that their mother has died suddenly under mysterious circumstances. They are called back to Indiana to settle her affairs. They also decide on placement for their older handicapped brother, Luke. While they settle Luke in a Midwestern mansion that houses the special healthcare center, they encounter a threatening, ancient, and unexpected evil. 

The facility is filled with the ghosts of a prominent family's tragic past. Unspeakable secrets become the dark beating heart beneath the modern veneer of the health care center. Some spirits come to work. Some come to be healed. Some come to die. When a team of paranormal investigators is called to uncover the cause of a patient's inexplicable demise, their search will lead them to the most hellish collection of entities they've ever faced. 


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