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Welcome to the publishing page for Book Nook Nuts LLC. 

A little about how Book Nook Nuts got into publishing books. 
I began my journey into book blogging back in 2013 and as the saying goes... 
" I never looked back". I got into many other aspects of the book world over time.
I have strived to be an honest, hard-working part of the book community. And in February 2023, I was asked to take another plunge... What do you ask?

I was asked if I had ever thought about publishing other authors...
Well, that was something I had never thought about, although by then I myself had become an author and knew some things about publishing a book. 
So I got Book Nook Nuts a LLC and began the publishing journey. 
(No you do not need an LLC to do anything but I wanted my presence to be (professional)

I have learned through the past few months, publishing is not easy. It is a daily learning curve and I thank the gods I know many amazing other publishers and authors who have helped me throughout every aspect. 
In the human world, they say it takes a tribe to raise children...
Well, the same is true in the book world. It takes a tribe to make a book shine. 

The Book World is ONE HUGE Family... Some days they are functional, some days you wanna scream... WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING... lol But I love what I do and I would not change a single thing. 

Currently, I publish books for 
Author P. Mattern, Author L. Gauthier, and L. Ashby
And myself  Author T.M. Payne 
Click the author's name above to be taken to their information and links. 

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