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Client - Author Annie Nicholas

I have proofread and/or edited the following books for this author either before their release or after. 

Not His Vampire
Not His Dragon
Not His Werewolf
Not Her Gargoyle
Not Her Alpha 
Their Baby Dragon - 5/2019

Bootcamp of Misfit Wolves (Vanguard Elite #1)
A Taste of Shifter Geekdom (Vanguard Elite #2)
Blind Wolf Bluff: Shifter Romance (Vanguard Elite #3)
Penny Of The Paranormal (Vanguard Elite #4)
Pallas (Vanguard Elite #5)

Venturi Crashlander Part One
Venturi Crashlander Part Two
Venturi Crashlander Part Three
Venturi Crashlander Part Four
Vampire Fugitive (Angler #4)
Vampire Hook 

Alpha 3/2019
The Omega's 2/2019
Beta - 4/2019

Trace - 8/2019
Hack - 10/2019
Crypto - 10/2019

Omega's in Love 1/2020
Sigma 4/2020

Vampire Bait - 7/2020
Prima - 8/2020
Some Bunny - 10/2020


Tammy Payne came highly recommended when I shouted out to my writer friends when I needed a proofreader. She has proven to be very good at finding those mistakes that I gloss over after reading my book for the 100th time. Flexible, professional, and highly respected as a reviewer, I know I can trust her to help me polish my manuscript and take it to another level.
~Annie Nicholas

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