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Client - Author Jennifer Theriot

I have proofread and / or edited the following books for this author either before their release or after. 

Proofread 10/2017
Relationship Resuscitation (The Juniper Court Series)
by Jennifer Theriot

Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine
by Jennifer Theriot 
J.D. Frettier

Proofread 1/2017
Toccata Obbligato
Serenading Kyra

Linda Gets Her Groove Thing

Proofread: 9/2017
Out of The Box Regifted


Tammy Payne is one of the most professional proof readers I know. She's quick, yet thorough and if you're under the gun with a deadline...no problem. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. Five stars times infinity :)
Love, Love, Love her and Book Nook Nuts!

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