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Client - Author Julia Mills

I have proofread and / or edited the following books for this author either before their release or after. 

Some of these books were released prior to my proofread so update your books..
They have all to date now been proofread and 

sometime after Dragon Guard #19 by me.

Authors Amazon Page

Some of these books were released prior to my proofread so update your books..
They have all to date now been proofread and some now are edited by me as well.

Her Dragon to Slay, Dragon Guard #1
Her Dragon’s Fire, Dragon Guard #2
Haunted by Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #3
For the Love of Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #4
Saved by Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #5
Only for Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #6
Fighting for Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #7
Her Dragon’s Heart, Dragon Guard #8
Her Dragon’s Soul, Dragon Guard #9
The Fate of Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #10
Her Dragon’s No Angel, Dragon Guard #11
Her Dragon, His Demon, Dragon Guard #12
Resurrecting Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #13
The Scars of Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #14
Her Mad Dragon, Dragon Guard #15
Tears for Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #16
Guarding Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #17
Sassing Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #18 
Kiss of Her Dragon, Dragon Guard #19
Claws, Class and a Whole Lotta Sass, Dragon Guard #20
Dragon with the Girl Tattoo, Dragon Guard #21 
Dragon Down, Dragon Guard #22 
Twinkle, Twinkle, Sassy Little Star, Dragon Guard #23 
Dragon Got Your Tongue, Dragon Guard #24 
Her Dragon’s Fury, Dragon Guard #25 
Dragon in the Mist, Dragon Guard #26
Dragon Got Run Over by A Reindeer, Dragon Guard 
Tangled in Tinsel, Dragon Guard #28
Cupcake Kisses & Dragon Dreams, Dragon Guard #29 
Her Dragon's Treasure, Dragon Guard #30
Aww, Snap Dragon, Dragon Guard #31 
Imagine Dragon (Dragon Guard Book 32)
Save a Horse, Ride a Dragon (Dragon Guard Series Book 33) 
Fury Dragon Guard #25 re-proofread for new single Release
A Vampire's Thirst - Alaric

Dragon Guard Berserker Series
Banning #1
Asher #2

Ladies Of The Sky Series
Sadie's Shadow 

Zodiac Shifters - Pisces - Out Of The Ashes
Zodiac Shifters - Taurus - Scorched Ember

The Not-Quite Love Story Series
Vidalia ('Not Quite' #1)
Phoebe ('Not Quite' #2)
Zoey ('Not Quite' #3)
Jax ('Not Quite' #4)
Heidi ('Not Quite' #5)
Lola ('Not Quite' #6)
Sammie Jo: A 'Not-Quite' Shifting Witchy Love Story ('Not-Quite' Book 7)
('Not Quite' #8)
Daphne (Magic and Mayhem; 'Not - Quite' #9)

#1 Viktor Heart of Her King
#2 Roman Fury of Her King
#3 Achilles 
Reproofed all 3 books 5/2018

Hades' Halo : Lords of Hell #1 
This story was in the
Wicked Gods Unleashed Box Set

Later Gator
Nosey Rosey 
Lazy Daisy 

She Thinks My Dragon's Sexy: MacAllen Clan (Dragon Guard Book 35)
Dragon Her Home
Stone Cold Protector: Federal Paranormal Unit (Dragon Guard Series Book 38)

That Hound Don't Hunt: Magic and Mayhem Universe (Maidens of Mayhem Book 1)


Hades' Halo (Lords of Hell Book 1) 8/2019
King Outta Water 9/2019
Dragon It's Cold Outside 11/2019
Kissing Cupid 2/2020
Savage Protector 4/2020
Kissing Claws - 8/2020
Tree Frog and Her Honey Badger 
Chestnuts Roasting Over Dragon Fire
A Little Elfin' Around
Crimson Moon Hideaway: Dragon Falling
That Rex Gotta Roar
It's the Great Dragon Molly Brown 
Kissing Claws 
That Mule's Got A Kick
Savage Protector
Dragon Take The Wheel - 1/2021
Heart On For Dragon
Crimson Moon Hideaway: Dragon Dreaming

Tammy Payne with Book Nook Nuts has proofread four of my books and is working on the fifth. Hopefully, she will do all that I have written/published and will write/publish in the future. I LOVE HER WORK!
Tammy is meticulous and detail-oriented. She gives SUPER suggestions for those little ‘problem areas’ and corrects ALL my mistakes. She is the last set of eyes that will see my new manuscripts before they go to print so that I am sure I am giving my readers the best reading experience I can.
I cannot say enough about her incredible work ethic and terrific customer service. I can sum it up in two words TAMMY ROCKS!
If you want your books to be the best they can be, give them to Tammy, she’ll fix ‘em right up.
Julia Mills,
New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author
of the Dragon Guard, ‘Not-Quite’ Love Story and Kings of the Blood Series.

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