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Meet Author L. Ashby


About the Author

L Ashby is an Amazon Bestselling author that was born, raised, and is currently residing in Kansas City, Missouri. Born in 1981. She married her husband in 2002 and is now a mother of two children. She works on her writing in her spare time. She has worked in the medical field for years and is currently in behavioral health. She became interested in writing and sharing her stories when she got into the indie author community. After positive feedback on some of her stories from others, she started submitting her stories for publication, her first an anthropology. She is currently working on several pieces including short stories, novellas, and more. The encouragement for her to continue writing has kept her going and creating. Through her writings she hopes to bring some new things to readers all around and in the upcoming years she hopes to be more inspired to release her writings for readers to enjoy.

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