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Meet Author P. Mattern


About Author P. Mattern (Teenager X, Joe Vermillion)

P.Mattern is a USA TODAY BESTSELLING, Amazon Bestselling, and Award Winning author. Also known as "MAMA FANG", she is the author of over 81 published books and novellas and included in many bestselling anthology collections. Born with a stylus in her tiny hand she wrote stories to entertain classmates in elementary school and won awards for fiction and poetry in college. After being laid off from her professional job in Mental Health she began writing down all the stories she had carried in her head... She was inspired by Anne Rice and her differently-abled son to write Book One of the Full Moon Series 'World of Azglen'♡ about a widow and her adult handicapped son who becomes brainy and strong after being bitten by a vampire. Soon her children J.C.Estall and Marcus Mattern joined her in writing Full Moon Series. She is the author of the Amazon Bestselling Vampire Princess Trilogy, The Winter House, The Creatures Who Love Me, Queen of the Fireflies, Andy of the Damned, Strident House, Shock of Night, Vampire Orphanage, Forest of Bleeding Trees, and others.

She is currently working on book 10 of the Full Moon Series 'CROON', a thriller/horror novel, 'SUFFICIENT EVIL', and 'MIDNIGHT MAGNOLIAS'.

P. Mattern is a member of the Thriller Writers Association. Her work has appeared in numerous ezines and anthologies( Hearts Unleashed, Once Upon a Broken Crown, Collected Christmas Horror, Collected Horror Drabbles, and Santa's Naughty List, and her work appears in many additional and notable horror collections.

P. Mattern currently lives in the Midwest and is currently involved with one of her characters. ("It's complicated.") She is a RONE nominated and Winner Tell-Tale Publishing VIncent Price Award in 2015 for 'Terrible Choices

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