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Proofread Testimonials


Testimonials from 2014 - 2023
Some of what the Authors are saying! 

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5 *s!!! 
This is my first experience working with any editing/proofreading services and I can honestly say it was well beyond my expectations! Professional, experienced, and willing to walk me through the process, I recommend Book Nook Nuts for all your proofreading needs!
Client since 2019 ~ Author C.D. Gorri

Tammy is my go-to proofreader! 
She's thorough, fast, and very reasonably priced.
~ Author Wynter Daniels

Several other authors recommended Tammy from Book Nook Nuts as an excellent proofreader, and I'm happy to say I wasn't disappointed. Not only was she flexible, she was fast, affordable, and thorough. She's also been wonderfully supportive of my book online, helping to promote it. I will most definitely be using Tammy's services again.
~ Author Marissa Farrar  ~ Author M K Farrar

Tammy is super efficient, and professional and provides a speedy, great
value-for-money service. I will definitely be using her again for my other books. 
~ Sallyanne Johnson

Tammy is fabulous to work with. Quick. Professional. A great pair of eyes to make sure the frosting on the manuscript cake is perfectly smooth. ~ Krystal Shannan

Tammy is fantastic to work with. I can't say enough good things about her. She's easy to work with, efficient, and thorough. I highly recommend her. ~ Author Jo-Ann Carson

Book Nook Nuts proofed my latest story and she caught things my high-powered auto-crit programs missed! She's the best! ~ Author Candace Colt

Blown away! Tammy returned my manuscript within 24 hours of receiving it and caught multiple errors that I and others missed over several rounds of proofreading. I'm super impressed, thrilled, and happy to recommend her for any and all print works!
~ Author Kerry Evelyn 

Tammy is amazing! She is so thorough and a delight to work with. Efficient and quick, too. I had two other proofreaders go over the story, but Tammy still found errors! I highly recommend her and will use her for all of my stories. Trust me. You want to use Tammy! ~ Author Ashlyn Hawkes

Tammy is meticulous and detail-oriented. She gives SUPER suggestions for those little ‘problem areas’ and corrects ALL my mistakes. She is the last set of eyes that will see my new manuscripts before they go to print so I am sure I am giving my readers the best reading experience I can.
I cannot say enough about her incredible work ethic and terrific customer service. I can sum it up in two words TAMMY ROCKS!
If you want your books to be the best they can be, give them to Tammy, she’ll fix ‘em right up.
~ Julia Mills
Tammy is a fabulous proofreader and catches all those pesky typos that persist past multiple read-throughs, beta readers, and three editing rounds! Yay!! And she’s fast and her prices are affordable. ~Author J.C. McKenzie

Excellent!! 5 stars. Always quick to respond & a first class service too. 
I really appreciate the help & support. Definitely recommend. Thank you!
~ Author Nikki J. Summers

Tammy Payne came highly recommended when I shouted out to my writer friends when I needed a proofreader. She has proven to be very good at finding those mistakes that I gloss over after reading my book for the 100th time. Flexible, professional, and highly respected as a reviewer, I know I can trust her to help me polish my manuscript and take it to another level.
~ Author Annie Nicholas

Tammy is a fabulous proofreader and super fast! Looking forward to working with her again! ~ Author Kara Lockharte

I cannot say enough good things about Tammy! She is an amazing proof reader, fast, affordable, and most importantly thorough. I've hired quite a few proofreaders over the years, but she is by far the best. So much so, I'm having her work through my back list.
~ Author Kathryn M. Hearst

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