Review Requests

Review Requests

**Please do not just send me your book file

I am currently not accepting review requests until TBA
Unless I have already reviewed for you then I will consider. 

Please contact Tammy via email  Subject Line: Review Request

 If you would like me to review a book. I accept hardcopies and electronic copies.

Please note all requests can not be accepted.  I will reply if I accept the review request. 
 If you are an author I have read for previously I will respond back to you. All others I will file in my email box for when I have time. 

Please provide these details with your request:

Release Date
Book Link 
Goodreads Link
BookBub Link

Please answer these questions: 

Book Genre? 
Does the story have a HEA?
Is it part of a series or is it a standalone? * Standalone to me means first in series or only book.
How many pages?
How would you describe your book? (Angsty, Sweet, Hot, Emotional, Funny, etc.)
Published with Publishing house or Self-Published? If self-published has the book been sent to an editor?


* I will rate  your book on the Star rating system and post a review on this blog and on    

Nook, and Goodreads and if they approve Amazon. I will also share it out to Twitter , Pinterest and my Facebook Blog page 

** I do not post any review that is less than 3 Stars.