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Testimonials from 2014 - 2023
Some of what the Authors are saying! 

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Tammy Payne is a phenomenal proofreader She seems to catch the little things that no one else does. I would definitely use her again and again.
~ Author Diana Marie DuBois

I worked with Book Nook Nuts for a number of services including proofreading! I am more than pleased with their professionalism and will be working with them again! Tammy is awesome! She took a lot of anxiety off my shoulders and made the release of Domlen a success!! I can't wait to work with Tammy again!
~Best Selling Author Solease M Barner

Tammy has been incredible. Her proofread was thorough, fast, and she made absolutely certain the manuscript was as polished as it could be before it went for formatting.
Thank you, Tammy, you're awesome x ~ Author Carrie Whitethorne

Thank you to Tammy for being the final eye on my book! 
This was my first time using her service and I would definitely work with her again.
~ Author FiFi Flowers

Tammy has been with me since the start of my journey into writing. She is a fantastic sounding board for new ideas and keeping me in the right direction. She finds those niggling little faults in my manuscripts that I have missed. 
Tammy is always prompt in replying to any questions I have and she always sticks to agreed timescales in returning the reviewed document. Her reviewing style is always clear, concise and to the point. Tammy has been a great support when I have felt lost within my work. She has been amazing in promoting my work through various media platforms. Tammy is one of those special assets I couldn't be without.
~ Author Sammie J.

An absolute pleasure to work with! Book Nook Nuts is very efficient and has a quick turn around which is a great plus when you are working on a deadline! I will definitely use Tammy again for my work!
~ Author Amanda Kimberly

I didn't expect to find a proofreader who was reasonable at the last minute but Tammy did a great job AND delivered early!
~ Author Livia Quinn

They did the final proof on my latest release and they did an AWESOME job!!
~ Author Bella Roccaforte

I used Proofreading by Book Nook Nuts for my latest project and was thoroughly impressed. Even though at least five other sets of eyes read through my manuscript Tammy was able to find those last few errors. I was confident that my project going out to the world without errors. 
~USA Today Bestselling Author Debra Presley

Tammy Payne is an excellent proofreader. She catches things professional editors miss. Great eye for details! Tammy has proofread all four of my novels, and I will be using her most valuable service again. She sticks to her word by having beating her deadline! You can't go wrong with her tenacious eye for errors and quick turnaround. 
 ~Mary Anne Edwards~ Author of the award-winning Charlie McClung Mysteries

I used Book Nook Nuts for the first time with my first full novel and I was more than pleased. Tammy's professionalism and easy going personality made a very stressful process go so much smoother. It was her keen eye for detail that made me confident I was giving readers a product I could be proud of. Thank you ~ Author Nicole Garcia

Tammy has wonderful turn around time and an eye for detail. I'm horrible with comma usage and she caught what was needed. ~ Author Decadent Kane

A great proofreader is what every writer needs, and I have a fantastic recommendation for you. Tammy Payne. 
I'm so grateful to Tammy Payne for the impeccable proofreading job she did on my latest book, Finding You. My manuscript needed quite a bit of TLC - and I had a deadline! When I was in a bind, Tammy came through and I was able to publish a perfect book with confidence that it was error free.
I can't say enough about Tammy. Not only does she offer "eagle eye" proofreading, but she is friendly and accommodating and you can't beat the price. I highly recommend Tammy. She's a hardworking true professional who really cares about you and your book. ~ Author Victoria Valentine

Tammy Payne of Book Nook Nuts is fast and accurate. Better yet, she's reasonably priced. I fully intend on having her on my proofing team from here on out.
You can't go wrong with Book Nook Nuts ~ Author Aubree Lane

“Tammy’s keen eye for detail is exquisite. She finds the details that others overlook. Working with Tammy has been a blessing, not only in proofreading my work, but she has provided help and encouragement that I would consider priceless. She goes above and beyond for all authors.” ~ Author Tabitha Dye

Tammy has helped me to no end in whipping my manuscripts into shape. I've used her for my last 2 releases and plan to engage her services for many more books to come. She is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. 
Marie Mason - NYT and USA Best Selling Author

Tammy Payne is one of the most professional proof readers I know. She's quick, yet thorough and if you're under the gun with a deadline...no problem. She goes above and beyond the call of duty. Five stars times infinity :)
Love, Love, Love her and Book Nook Nuts! ~ Author Jennifer Theriot

Prompt and professional, Book Nook Nuts is a pleasure to do business with. I will be using Tammy again and recommending her to my friends. ~ Author Sheryl R. Hayes

There should be an option for 'above 5 stars'. The services were affordable. The editor was professional, friendly, and thorough. The return time was phenomenal! I am so glad that an author friend recommended 'Book Nook Nuts' to me. Definitely above 5-stars and I look forward to working with Book Nook Nuts again.
Thanks again! ~ Author S.E.Isaac
Super fast, affordable, and kind! I am happy with the proofreading, as Tammy caught quite a few things I missed in my book. She provides a wonderful service to authors!
~ Author Racquel Henry

Tammy is amazingly fast, flexible, detailed, quick to respond... a wonderful author partner!
~ Author Laxmi Hariharan

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